And now at the microphone, once again making an ass out of himself, Oklahoma’s Senator Inhofe.

May 25, 2009

During a recent hearing over the future of Gimto and the remaining thugs imprisoned there, Oklahoma Senator Inhofe couldn’t resist putting his 2 cents.  Naturally, the national press was there in droves, past experience having convincingly taught them that anytime Inhofe speaks, a good snicker is guaranteed. 

Of course, his stand up routines are also without exception, dismal PR days for the Sooner state.  His loony dissertations only reinforce the long-standing image of our state as a bunch of red neck, hillbilly, cousin marrying, pick-up driving, beer guzzling, and high school dropouts.  Then again, perhaps these assumptions about our state are correct given the number of people in Oklahoma who routinely as well as blindly cast their votes without thinking for this embarrassing clown. .

On this day our state’s leading authority on complex topics such as “why global warming is a hoax,” stepped boldly up to the podium.  Then, he proceeded to prattle on about “how those confined to Gitmo are happy to be there since the receive “3 square meals a day plus outstanding free medical service.”  Gosh?  Maybe he’s right.  Water boarding aside, they must really be having the time of there at Club Jihad.

 Feeling the media crowd was still skeptical; Inhofe then played his “ace in the hole,” so to speak.  He added “that enemy combatants could also even receive a free “colonoscopy.”  Praise Allah and grab your ankles, good times at Gitmo are back.

 Here is a novel suggestion.  Maybe the good senator should have such a procedure done on himself — and as quickly as possible.  Once the camera is squarely up his ass, 5 will get you ten that it will undoubtedly spot his empty head somewhere in the general vicinity. 

Of course, if he did elect to have the procedure, it wouldn’t cost him a small fortune like the rest of us are required to pay.  As a member of our elected elite, he enjoys the best medical attention possible and you, I and other American taxpayers are stuck with the tab.

His lame, laughable and moronic justification for keeping dangerous animals locked up, i.e. free medical service from the federal government brings up another key question.  If the good Senator is for “nationalized medicine” for murderous terrorists, maybe he is also in favor of the same perk for the tens of millions of countrymen and women who are consistently gouged for any medical assistance. 

Not long ago, I was charged $1700 for a visit to an emergency room where I received 6 stitches in my knee. It was an expensive 30 minutes.  

The hospital in Las Vegas, New Mexico, even attempted to assess me an additional charge to cover the doctor’s office which I never visited. What’s next?  A little something extra on the bill to cover the doctor’ laundry services?   I would bleed to death before ever darkening their greedy door again.  Yes, I digress . . . but as a staunch believer in advertising, I now constantly look for opportunities to give the hospital free word-of-mouth “promotion” whenever possible.  It is the least I can do.  

Back on point, consider this:  It is estimated that over one half of the public school children in Oklahoma go to bed hungry at night.  One half!  I challenge Senator Inhofe to point to a single accomplishment or legislation while in office that he has in any tangible way created to address that pathetic and inexcusable problem?  Obviously, he would rather wax on about colonoscopies for terrorists than to pursue solutions to vital issues back home.      

Naturally, Inhofe is a big fan of the military/industrial complex as Eisenhower succinctly put it.  During stump speeches, he often beams with pride pointing out that under his watch the United States is number one in the world in military spending.  Sadly, at the same time under his watch, we’re only number seventeen in the world when it comes to producing qualified high school graduates.  In other words, we’re far better at building smart bombs than smart people and gosh darn it, that’s just fine with him. 

The point of this blog is simply to remind readers that Senator Inhofe doesn’t care about mundane things like education or our environment. Just grabbing a few self-serving headlines and if he’s really lucky, 30 seconds on Fox news.   His appearances do have one other undeniable plus – they serve to remind us that ultimately every country gets the government it deserves.

 If the Berlin Wall can fall, if America can elect a black president, then surely the day will come when we can vote this fool out of office.

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