How quickly the memories and the lessons of 911 have faded away.

May 8, 2009

AP:  Early reports from southern California civil defense authorities indicate that a 13 kiloton nuclear weapon similar to the bomb which dropped on Hiroshima during World War 2, exploded at 5:30 pm today CST.   Military spokesperson Col. Warren Peace issued a statement acknowledging that San Diego indeed had been hit. Early reports put civilian deaths in the 50,000+ range. News outlets are reporting that hospitals as far away as Los Angeles have been flooded with tens of thousands of wounded, injured or dying Americans.

The surprise attack and resulting firestorm happened during the height of afternoon traffic.   Snarled highways all over the area were left with miles of burning vehicles caught in the towering inferno.  A local police official said that after the initial explosion, flames apparently leaped from one vehicle to another like a row of dominoes. The carnage made it impossible for FEMA, local or state police, and the US military to evaluate the full extent of destruction at this time.  It is estimated that thousands of motorists died trapped in their burning cars, with gasoline-conscience commuters suffering the most casualties.  Most buildings in the downtown area have as one dazed observer put it, “simply disappeared.”

The San Diego Airport was engulfed in a huge ball of fire as fuel ladden planes in the air as well as those waiting to take off on the ground were instantly vaporized by the earth-shaking blast.  The airport is reportedly still burning wildly out of control.  Grey smoke from the initial explosion and thousands of secondary fires has mingled with oppressive, black, angry, thick clouds from the long, twisting  lines of smoldering cars and trucks and has impacted air traffic flying as high as 40,000 feet and 50 miles away. Billowing smoke clouds from burning tires and asphalt has made it virtually impossible to gain access to the central area of town, which is believed to be “ground zero.” The aftermath of the explosion has left a fine layer of choking dust all over everything and reportedly causes eye and throat problems for anyone unlucky enough to come into contact with or to inhale it.

According to Arab newspaper Al Zazeera, initial responsibility for the attack has come from the terrorist group, Hezbollah, in Lebanon.  A communique issued minutes after the bomb exploded said that the attack was in revenge for U.S. support of Israel, “water boarding” and the grave disrespect shown brave Somalia pirates by U.S. Navy Seals.  The date was chosen to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha. The press release went on to say that 19 suicide bombers had brought the weapon of mass destruction into San Diego using underground tunnels created by Mexican drug smugglers. “The Great Satan provided us with the motive and our brothers in Pakistan provided us with the means!” according to the statement. It ended with “Our brave brothers are now in paradise.”

A spokesperson for the Integrated Tactical Warning and Assault Assessment (ITW/AA) located inside Cheyenne Mountain and part of NORAD, noted that this may have been a reference to the recent Taliban attack only a month ago which reported captured several Pakistan nukes.  Each weapon contained Uranium 235 which reportedly creates a “kill zone” of about 3 miles depending on the amount of steel and concrete within the blast area.

CNN is now reporting that ground zero was a Egyptian owned pizzeria located in the heart of San Diego and that the blast crater is the width of a football field and is several hundred feet deep. One of the earliest eyewitness reports from the scene came from ABC reporter Smoky Gunn, who was in the area on vacation with his family.  Gunn reports that radiation from the blast has essentially made dozens of Navy ships moored in the area uninhabitable for at least 99 years. He also reports witnessing hundreds of bodies of dead sailors floating in the bay.   One U.S. Aircraft carrier and two nuclear submarines are reportedly among the ships destroyed.  Emergency health and care centers at nearby Camp Pendleton are also reportedly overwhelmed with dead and dying U.S. Marines and their dependents.

It is feared that radiation clouds will spike a huge rise in leukemia and spread cancer for a hundred miles along the Pacific coast before eventually drifting eastward over Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and most of the eastern seaboard from Florida to Maryland. War game computer models indicate deaths from the resulting fallout come be in the tens of millions.

In Washington, a spokesperson for the White House denied any connection with the startling, tragic and unprovoked attack and President Obama’s 2010 budget. Representative Nancy Pelosi, conceded that 57% of the President’s current budget cuts came directly from the U.S. defense budget, but refused to comment on what message those cuts sent to our enemies. Pelosi added, “The cuts had to be made from somewhere so that we could continue to hire more and more government employees which is one proven way to solve the growing unemployment issue facing this great nation.”

The president was not available for comment due to a faulty teleprompter in the White House press room.   However, his press secretary sent out a text message urging calm and stressing the President Obama would be convening a major conference of all stakeholders within 90 days to review exactly what the United States did wrong to encourage such a heavy handed response from people who obviosuly have been victimized by previous American actions.

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