Is there anyone braver, more courageous than an over-religious, unemployed, malcontent, despicable, dense, AK47 welding, poppy-growing Afghani male?

April 15, 2009

Is there anyone braver, more courageous than an over-religious, unemployed, malcontent, despicable, dense, AK47 welding, poppy-growing Afghani male? 

Not long after 9-11, I vividly recall seeing a television news story showing heroic male members of the Taliban in Afghanistan using a stick to strike a young woman. She had committed the terrible crime of not covering her foot.  I remember thinking how valiant and gutsy this man must be.  I also recall fondly hoping that someday soon a cruise missile would find its’ way up the enlarged asshole of this enlarged asshole. 

I suppose that if someone wants to be in the 600’s a.d. then that is his or her right.   On the other hand, we currently reside in a world where human rights are a universal principal – and there’s the rub.  1500 years ago, it was not unusual for dipshit Arab sheepherders living the nomadic Bedouin life to think of women as just another piece of property to be used and abused.  Of course, they also thought the world was flat.    

Now under the excuse of extreme Islamic law, an Afghan husband can demand sex with his wife every four days unless she is ill or would be harmed by intercourse — a clause that critics say legalizes marital rape. It also regulates when and for what reasons a wife may leave her home alone.   

Recently, a crowd of 1,000 plucky Afghans swarmed a demonstration of 300 women protesting against the new conservative marriage law. The women were pelted with small stones as police struggled to keep the two groups apart. 

Some picked up gravel and stones and threw them at the women, while others shouted “Death to the slaves of the Christians!” And because of their remarkable courage in the face of the unarmed and defenseless women, the men have again distinguished themselves for their daring.   It must make them feel like King Kong knowing that they treat other human beings as sub-human pieces of crap.  I imagine that their chests swell with pride as they vent their anger at those who cannot hit back.   

Of course, some of these same fearless, testosterone-laden men someday will strap a bomb onto the same hairy chest and in the ultimate act of cowardice; blow themselves up along with a number of innocent bystanders. This is far easier than taking up a weapon to face another male mano-a-mono in battle.  But if you can’t say anything else about Afghan men, at least they’re consistent little chicken shits.  One of the great and undeniable truths is that when such a bomb vaporizes the little man in the turban with the long beard, he will not be missed.   

And why should a moron’s passing be mourned?  They are in general literate, insipid, languid, malodorous stone-age parasites.  Anytime a member of the Taliban dies, the world becomes just a little bit better place for the rest of us.  After all, these are not men.  They are both gutless shadows of men.  And, I will let you in on a little secret:  whenever I take a really nasty dump, I always flush twice because it’s a long way to Afghanistan. 

A final note:  The government of President Hamid Karzai has said the Shiite family law is being reviewed by the Justice Department and will not be implemented in its current form. Governments and rights groups around the world have condemned the legislation, and President Barack Obama has labeled it “abhorrent.”  

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  • 1. rick morris  |  April 16, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    another “badass” afghan man had his own daughter murdered and dumped in a garbage pit. her crime?, dressing to much like the woman of the great satan, americans.

    nuke the whole place back to the stone age, let god sort out the good ones and the bad ones.


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