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Some students are hungry for knowledge, others are just hungry.

In a world where people speak of red or blue states, add one more category: the states of perpetual hunger.

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Condom-Nation of the POPE

I wonder how can I live in a world where such blatant crimes against humanity are allowed to exist? Where poverty, misery and death are so casually tolerated? A world where ignorance by world leaders goes unchallenged

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Who was that “mosque man?” A review of my visit to the heart of Islam.

“As I entered the mosque, Razi was there to greet me with great warmth and genuine hospitality.”

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Is there anyone braver, more courageous than an over-religious, unemployed, malcontent, despicable, dense, AK47 welding, poppy-growing Afghani male?

Some picked up gravel and stones and threw them at the women, while others shouted “Death to the slaves of the Christians!”

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Pirates killed by quick-acting U.S. Marines. The International Red Cross just revealed the sniper’s identities.

According the official statement, the three American heroes, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal and a man known only as “MacGyver,”

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A special message to the two chicks in row 24, seats D & E – shut up.

But, for crying out loud, or “speaking out loud” as in this case, how about a little volume control?

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John Rohde got it wrong: Blake Griffin is no hero.

“after 9-11 America rediscovered that the word hero describes someone who wears a uniform and puts his or her life on the line”

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Last year, America reached a new low: 40% of our children were born out of wedlock. Can you say “poverty?”

* The single greatest cause of poverty in America is single parenthood.

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New ad campaign created to further Governor Henry’s dynamic, meteoric rise in politics.

” . . . under the same bed that served as home for the cowering governor when critical questions dealing with potentially divisive issues such as immigration were in dire need of guidance from the top.”

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