Thoughts on right wing scare letter.

January 7, 2009

Recently, I received an e-mail from a friend which contained what they thought was very alarming info as to the future of the good ole US of A. Some professor was predicting with the Demo’s now running the show that the country was about to go to hell in a hand-basket.  All we have left is 4 years before the end hits!

The following was my response:

Don’t let far right-wing scare tactics keep you awake at night. You have brought your kids up to be intelligent and hard-working. They will be successful, if for no other reason, than those traits are rare in today’s world. Statistics can be twisted to prove any point of view. The future is still filled with hope and goodness.

With regard to the map, I would point out that the “red” counties also have more members in the Elvis fan club, love NASCAR, own more guns, think pro wrestling is real and prefer beer to wine. Sadly, they also use more Meth, smoke more cigaretes, have more than their share of unwanted teen pregnancy and not surprisingly, often live below the poverty level.

I don’t believe in absolutes. In other words, people who voted for McCain are not always right, nor are people who voted for Obama always wrong. We live in a pluralistic society that is constantly changing and evolving. Sometimes the change is for the good, sometimes not. But the fact is that the pendulum is always swinging in one direction or the other. I also know that I am far from perfect and can make mistakes just like other people. What is good for me, what I respect and value, other people may not. David Gibbs once quipped in response to a negative comment about “Those people” by saying to me, “How dare they not share your values!” He is a really smart guy.

My advice, turn off Fox TV, don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh or other shrill, radical voices. Instead, enjoy life and take comfort in the fact that this country will survive. As the map reveals, enjoy living in the middle of America where we are not over-crowded and stressed out as in the megacities with all of their problems. I promise the world is not going to end anytime soon. Remember, our parents thought America was going down the tubes when the Beatles first burst onto the scene. It didn’t end. It did change — and continues to change because that is the nature of life. Love your family, enjoy your friends, and count your blessings. You have your health. You’re not in the poor house. You have a loving husband. You won the cosmic lottery to be born when you were, where you were, and to have picked really good parents.

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